May 19, 2020

Australian Paper Gets Contract Extension from Government, More Support Still Required

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Australian Paper Gets Contract Extension from Government, More Support Still Required

The Australian Government has extended their contract for security passport paper from Australian Paper and their Shoalhaven Mill through June 2015. However, for Mill to remain viable, broader support for Shoalhaven’s range of recycled and value-added papers is necessary.

Mill manager Bruce Borchardt, thanked Ann Sudmalis, federal member for Gilmore, for encouraging the Australian Government to continue to buy passport paper from Shoalhaven.

“Shoalhaven Mill makes some of the best special purpose papers in the world – including watermarked security paper, recycled papers, coloured papers and heavy weight papers - and support for the entire range is needed,” said Borchardt.

Borchardt also made a direct appeal to the government, stating that using their products aligns with the governments sustainability plans.

“Australian Paper calls on the Australian Government to recognise the sustainability advantages of Australian made speciality paper when organising the printing of reports, gazettes, business stationery, ballot papers, business cards and brochures. Australian Government procurement for printed materials utilising recycled papers from Shoalhaven would be in line with its own ICT Sustainability plan, and would create an example for others to follow in mapping out a positive future for the Shoalhaven Mill.

“Without broad recognition from printers, paper merchants and Government of the value that local paper manufacturing adds to our communities, there is a very real risk that Shoalhaven Mill will not remain in operation,” Borchardt added.

The mill provides around 100 jobs locally. Their full range of products includes recycled paper and chemically sensitised and watermarked security papers. No other manufacturer in the country provides the specific security paper. Australian Paper, of which Shoalhaven Mill is a part of, contributes over $750 million in value-add to the economy each year. The company supports around 6,000 full-time jobs, both directly and indirectly.

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