TMPPA confirms Aussie commitment to Tasmania

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The TMPAA works with companies to ensure that they are able to efficiently and effectively identify all of their regulatory and compliance obligations when undertaking a major project in Tasmania.  Projects that attract investment of $50 million or more in Tasmania by 2020 automatically qualify for the Agency’s full services.  However, if your project falls outside this scope there are other conditions under which your project could be eligible as the aim of our Agency is to encourage investment in the Tasmanian economy.

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The TMPAA provides proponents and the wider community with certainty about approvals processes, not certainty of approvals outcomes.  Ensuring that full information about approvals requirements and processes is available to project proponents is an important part of maintaining the integrity and balance of Australia’s regulatory and approvals systems.

The Agency is based in Launceston but our services are available state-wide and we are always willing to meet with project proponents at a location convenient to them.  All TMPAA services are cost free and carry no obligation.  Ways in which the TMPAA can assist include:

  • Provide a single-entry-point for Commonwealth regulations and approvals;
  • Map critical approvals pathways: the Agency, in consultation with State and Local government, can provide proponents with a map of their regulatory requirements and the appropriate pathway to meeting them;
  • Monitor approvals milestones: the Agency can work with project proponents and regulators to monitor upcoming milestones in the regulatory process;
  • Provide a voice into government on ways of improving the regulatory system: the Agency wants to hear proponent’s views and experiences with the regulatory system and potential ways it can be approved to help inform future policy decisions;
  • Help answer broader questions on industry policy and assistance: the Agency is part of the Commonwealth Department of Industry and Science.  If proponents have a question relating to the work of the Department, or of other Government Departments, the Agency can help find the answer.

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Overview of our services

The TMPAA offers three levels of service designed to provide proponents with support that is tailored to the status of their project. All services are free-of-charge, with no obligation on your part and are managed under strict commercial-in-confidence requirements.

LEVEL 1 - Estimated Obligations

If proponents are unsure of their regulatory obligations or would like confirmation on what they understand them to be, the TMPAA can provide a high level assessment of the likely regulatory obligations in the form of a flow chart and accompanying documentation.  This can be provided in a short period of time and requires only basic organizational and project information.

There is no obligation to access Level 2 services.  However, if more detailed information is needed to assist decision making then the TMPAA Level 2 service is available.

LEVEL 2 -·Mapped Obligations

At this level the TMPAA works with projects to prepare a detailed approvals map of their regulatory obligations covering all levels of government – Commonwealth, State and Local.  This Regulatory Approvals Map (RAM)...Click here to read the entire story on Business Review Australia!

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