[SLIDESHOW] Super Pit: Inside Australia's largest gold mine

By Dino Angelov

Situated in Western Australia on the south-east edge of Kalgoorlie sits one of the largest and deepest holes on Earth.  

Popularly referred to as “The Super Pit”, the Fimiston Open Pit mine stretches an astounding two miles long, a mile wide and almost 2,000 feet deep. The canyon-sized mine is so massive it can actually be seen from space.

Originally comprised of a large number of small underground mines, the site was transformed into an open pit operation in 1989, which would later become the Super Pit. The mine is owned and operated by Kalgoorlie Consolidated Mines Pty Ltd, a joint venture with Barrick Gold and Newmont Mining.

The Super Pit mine is expected to commence closure in 2029. 

(Source: CNET)

(Source: CNET)

(Source: CNET)

(Source: CNET)

(Source: CNET)

(Source: CNET)

(Source: Kalgoorlie Tourism)

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