Salvos Stores Celebrate 129 Years of Sustainable Fashion

By Bizclik Editor

Since 1883, Salvos Stores across Australia have equipped our closets with budget fashion finds while providing aid and support to the nation’s needy citizens.

To recognise the recycled retailer’s lengthy history, a multi-faceted marketing campaign celebrating “The Original Trendsetter” has been launched by DGM Advertising through the month of July. Using several mediums across print, video, social media, outdoor and experiential marketing, Salvos will market its ‘brand’ – pre-loved, donated goods for any shopper – throughout the five states of the Southern Territory in an effort to get consumers thinking differently about their fashion choices.

One aspect of the campaign will involve decking out public transport shelters in Melbourne and Perth with original artwork inspired by fashion sourced at Salvos Stores across its 129 year history.


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Another will feature a pop-up store at Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station with opportunities for shoppers to browse racks of vintage goods and snap photos with cut-outs, which may be uploaded to the Salvos’ Facebook page for a chance to win discount vouchers.

A treasure hunt conducted via social media will also continue through the month.

“We decided to use a version of a 'mix-and-match' book concept to combine multiple eras into one design,” said DMG’s Studio Manager Campbell Rooney in a media release. “We researched fashion, art and design from a set number of periods and created two versions of the idea. Each design blended three periods together seamlessly using vector art and a number of textures to give the artwork a vintage feel.”

DMG has provided Salvos Stores with advertising and marketing campaigns over the past 11 years, but this marks the first strategy in their combined history that merges such a vast number of platforms and outlets.


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