Revolver Creative hosting Ignite Dinner for professionals in Melbourne

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Revolver Creative , one of our Top 10 Australian startups in 2014, is encouraging other startups, professionals, and anyone looking for “purpose, motivation and inspiration” through Ignite Dinners, monthly events held in the modern Revolver Creative co-work studio in Melbourne. 

Tickets are $15 for the 16th April event, and it's worth its price of admission. Often in attendance are a high calibre of accomplished members of the Melbourne community who are initiating change in their respective industries. Regular attendees include Alex Jefferys, the founder of Onely, a TEDx speaker and the 2013 Anthill 30under30 winner; Daniel Kuzeff, founder of Our Connection who raised $120,000 in funds to build a village in the Phillipines; and Catherine Moolenshot, the founder of Inspire Greatness, a TEDx speaker and published author, profession speaker and facilitator.

“Ignite Dinners’ aim is to inspire passion, connect, and initiate action,” said Stephanie Maynard, founder and organiser of Ignite Dinners, in a press release for the event. “We want to create a community where we can harbour these attitudes and provide support and skills needed.”

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The co-working trend in Melbourne has been gaining momentum in Melbourne and around the world, and allowed Conrad Tracey, founder of Revolver Creative, to provide a solution for the need to communicate face to face and collaborate. He believes these are the driving forces behind the popularity of shared work spaces.

 “Collaboration is at the centre of everything we do,” Tracey said. “We wanted to create an entrepreneurial hub that took the idea of shared space to the next level in terms of functionality, community and aesthetic.

“Working in a start-up can be tough, and the beauty of co-working is that it gives freelancers and start-ups the opportunity to work independently, but still be part of a community of professionals who share ideas, solutions and opportunities.

“The best innovations come from a convergence of people, ideas and resources, and that’s our vision for what Revolver Creative can provide.”

The co-work space is designed by ITN, renowned Melbourne architects. The space includes 58 open-plan desks, a coffee machine, private Skype rooms and Apple TVs, as well as access to regular social events including entrepreneurial talks and networking sessions, like the Ignite Dinners.

Photo from Ignite Dinners' Facebook page


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