PwC Australia announces changes to tech leadership

By Thierry Boudan

PwC Australia has announced that current Chief Information Officer (CIO) Hilda Clune will be moving to a new position within the firm’s global technology business.

“In her new role, Clune will join the global technology and change leadership team to focus on business and technology transformation across the network,” the company said.

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Since being appointed as CIO in 2009, Clune has led a team of 200 IT professionals in exploring key transformational areas including the use of cloud, mobility, digital and automation-focused technologies.

She also led the firm’s workplace transformation program that looks to better accommodate and integrate new technologies within the company’s office environments.

“In addition to investing in the right technology, we have focused on changing mindsets in order to lift digital competency and accelerate digital culture,” Clune said. “As a natural extension of my work within a local context, I’m thrilled to be able to build on this and apply new learnings at a global level.”

With Clune stepping down, PwC Australia’s current Chief Digital Officer Vishy Narayanan will assume the responsibilities of the CIO role, leading the company’s digital transformation agenda moving forward.

“My primary focus is on truly digitising the core of our firm and delivering best-of-breed technology to enhance the experience of our people and clients,” said Narayanan.


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