Offices Bare All on New Website

By Bizclik Editor

We’re pretty excited about this. What is Naked Office?

It’s a website that enables employees to review their current or previous workplace. The idea behind it is that we want people to go there, read a review about a company they’d like to work for, and get a general idea about what it’s like to work there, what the benefits are, how people rate it, and whether people would work there again.

The website enables past and current employees to reveal a workplace, strip back what’s behind it, and expose what’s actually there.

How do you regulate negative commentary?

We don’t want it to be a negative forum; we’d prefer that it were a more positive, enriching experience for people when they visit.

[To achieve that,] all reviews are moderated. We won’t publish a review that we consider to be defaming to a company, or one that mentioned [an employee] by name. We give the reviewer the opportunity to go back and re-word their [un-publishable] review, or offer to just publish their company rating.

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What kinds of businesses are “getting Naked” – or, being reviewed on Naked Office?

A broad range, really. We’re still working through which areas we want to target directly.

Where do you see the site going?

The first phase is accumulating reviews; the second phase will give businesses a chance to craft a profile that talks about why it’s great to work for them, their benefits, awards, images, etc. via a paid subscription. The third phase, currently in production, will give these companies the ability to post job ads.

The end goal is to create a system where someone can come in and read a review about a company, read why it’s great to work there, and then apply for a job listed by that company, all in one location.


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