Lithium Australia partner with DLG Battery

By Richard Blank

Mining company Lithium Australia has announced that it is to form an alliance with Chinese battery producer DLG Battery Co. Ltd.

The two have signed a letter of intent with the stated aims of establishing “a 50:50 jointly owned business for the supply and sale of DLG lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), packs and modules in Australia,” and forming “a technology alliance that will fast-track the commercialisation of VSPC Ltd's patented cathode powders for use in DLG batteries.”

The equally owned joint venture will be known as Lithium Australia DLG. The two have worked together before, with DLG testing LFP cathode powders developed by a Lithium Australia subsidiary. The joint venture will seek to take advantage of what Lithium Australia describes as its “disruptive technologies [...] designed to furnish the lithium battery industry with ethical and sustainable supply solutions”.



The release goes on to describe the alliance as stemming from their identification of a gap in supply: “Together, DLG and Lithium Australia have identified constraints in the delivery of LIBs into the Australian supply chain, and they see an exciting business opportunity in rectifying those supply difficulties.”

The managing director of Lithium Australia, Adrian Griffin, said that “Lithium Australia’s partnership with DLG will provide us with first-mover advantage in the supply of batteries designed specifically for Australian conditions and create a stable supply chain”.


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