Kawasaki completes construction new manufacturing facility in India

Japanese machinery manufacturer Kawasaki Heavy Industries has announced the completed construction of a new plant at Wipro Kawasaki Precision Machinery in Bengaluru, opening on 16 February 2019

Wipro Kawasaki manufactures, sells, and services hydraulic equipment for India’s construction industry, with the new plant set to cater to growing demand for hydraulic excavators in the market.

In its press release, Kawasaki said the new plant is indicative of its commitment to meeting the increasing demand for hydraulic equipment, as well as continuing to generate fresh demand.


Kawasaki said in the statement that the rise in demand from India’s construction industry has been driven by an expected increase of investment in local infrastructure, such as with ports, expressways, and railway networks.

Paired with the existing plant in the region, Kawasaki’s production capacity has doubled from the 20,000 units per year that it boasted in 2018 to 40,000, ensuring the firm can flexibly serve its customers’ varying demand volumes.

The firm noted that it has been growing its six-region operational structure in India, Japan, China, Korea, the US, and the UK, and that it remains committed to strengthening its customer offering to ensure satisfaction and brand growth around the world.


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