How Healthe Care became one of Australia's top private hospital providers

By Stephanie Ocano

"Our vision for The Valley and South Eastern private hospitals is to become the major private hospital provider for southeastern Melbourne and Victoria."

Formed in 2005 with the intention to lead individuals to health, Healthe Care has become a reputable source across Australia for private healthcare.

With a philosophy rooted in empowerment and well-being, Healthe Care takes pride in delivering premium care to all its valued clients and patients through specialist services, facilities and innovations.

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We recently spoke with CEO of The Valley and South Eastern private hospitals, Neil Henderson, who offered his insight into the success of the company as well as its plans for the future.

A Success Story

When Henderson joined Healthe Care there was a lot of room for improvement in The Valley and South Eastern private hospitals. But rather than fearing the challenge, he took it on headfirst.

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“I really wanted to contribute to the greater common good and develop something that I could sit back on and be proud of in years to come,” said Henderson of the early days. “What contributed [to the recent paramount success] was the recognition that the fundamentals were there for the two hospitals to transform into major players.”

And transform they did.

“The basic infrastructure of the buildings was there,” said Henderson, “but the spark that became the difference between mediocrity and rapid success was vision, leadership and belief.”

“Basically, what I did in 2012 was to determine that these two hospitals could develop and grow rapidly and I needed to build myself a team that would believe and be inspired by the vision to lead and motivate others to follow,” added Henderson.

The “others” Henderson referenced included doctors and staff, as well as stakeholders.

By recruiting and training a team of managers who were committed to said vision and culture, this inspiration was spread to each department where the managers imparted good leadership. In order to continue this spread of positivity, the “Love Your Work” program was instituted to recognize individuals that were doing something above and beyond their line of duty.

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“At the end of the day, if people are being recognized for their hard work, they are likely to be more motivated to do their job,” reiterated Henderson.

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