How to Attract and Retain Top Talent

By Andrew Lisa

The businesses swept up in the booming Australian economy are struggling to fill positions with qualified people.

With the right education, six-figure jobs are waiting for some grads right out of school— as long as they are in the right sectors.

There are a handful of industries that are truly employees' markets for the most-skilled and best-educated pros.

Tech Sector: Home to Australia's Hottest Market

One report shows that—along with plumbers, oddly enough—tech experts are leading Australia's workplace into the digital age. In fact, the report notes a "digital disconnect" between the country's burgeoning collective investment in tech and qualified professionals to run make it run smoothly.

A few of the hottest jobs right now in the Australian/New Zealand tech sector are:

  1. IT project manager
  2. Business analyst
  3. Digital marketing manager
  4. Mobile app developer
  5. JavaScript developer

Top 5 Sectors

The Australian job market, however, doesn't stop with the tech sector.

Business Review Weekly recently echoed what many Australian analysts have been saying for the last year—that the next two decades of economic growth in Australia will be concentrated in five sectors, or the fantastic five, as BRW colloquially referred to them.

The "fantastic five" sectors poised to consume 10 percent of the Australian economy over the next 20 years are:

  1. Gas
  2. Agribusiness
  3. Tourism
  4. International education
  5. Wealth management

Australian Businesses Want the Best Employees

According to one company in New Zealand, the most efficient way to lure and keep the top IT professionals is through lucrative benefits and cash bonuses.

The most coveted benefits are car parks and health insurance subsidies, with mobile phones and car allowances not far behind.

As the following article shows, once students figure out “How to make the jump from education to careers”, lucrative opportunities can await.

Other statistics show that Australian employers would be wise to offer flexible working arrangements as part of a benefits package. Ninety-two percent of people surveyed ranked work/life balance high on their list of priorities.

Employers in Australia are hungry not only to hire, but to retain the best talent possible—and the best talent knows it. 

Employees that are well-educated or skilled in the sectors that are expanding the fastest are aware that they're in high demand, and a good salary isn't necessarily enough to bring them in and keep them.

Lucrative and creative benefits have to be part of the overall package if you want to land and retain Australia's top talent.



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