Here’s why Chinese investment in Canadian mines has dipped

By Nye Longman

Chinese resource companies have made it known that they feel misled by investment-seeking Canadian governments about the difficulties of establishing successful mines in Canada.

This certainly could be a strong reason for why Chinese investment in Canada has headed south to the United States.

An internal report last October by Ambassador Guy Saint-Jacques details complaints from an official with the China Mining Council about the unwanted surprises some mining companies encountered in Canada.

The official's concerns were "mostly in called less-developed, remote areas, where climate is harsh, infrastructure is less developed, and workforce is scarce," according to Saint-Jacques.

"Some members felt that, when promoting potential investment projects, the provinces did not disclose the full picture about the mining environment, namely the risks and challenges, and that this led to misinformed decision."

Wang also noted that Canada's immigration policies are a barrier, because they "make it impossible for Chinese investors to bring Chinese labour to Canada to work on mine construction, resulting in a timeframe of 8-10 years to project start, versus 1-2 years if Chinese labour was allowed.” 

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