Female bosses understand work-life balance more

By Bizclik Editor

With the crossover between personal life and work life becoming more common, employees are beginning to increase the practice of taking care of personal business at the office. In the work-life balance, female bosses have more tolerance than male managers, The Daily telegraph reported.

Women are actually more likely to appreciate their staff maintaining a work-life balance, while male bosses are more likely to lose their temper, according to the research into the attitudes of 1,000 bosses commissioned by Vodafone in Britain found.

It may seem reasonable if staff is on Facebook, Twitter or shopping websites, but female bosses have a tendency to take the personal situation of staff into consideration when it comes to managing and reprimanding staff. They are more likely aware, and understanding, of problems in people’s personal lives. As long as employees complete their work and do not get behind, women did not mind staff taking care of personal business.


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Men have the inclination to go off on employees who let their personal lives enter the place and time of work. They have also admitted to disciplining employees on a daily basis for letting personal life interfere with the workplace.

Most bosses agree the line between personal and work lives has become more blurry since staff started working from home and using smartphones.

Take into consideration your bosses preferences and if booking that appointment honestly cannot wait until lunch break. If work is completed, that at least gives a good excuse if an issue does arise. Where’s the joy in being all work after all?


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