Facebook and Instagram Launch Deeper Analytics Services and Updates

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Facebook has been busy. Not only did the social media platform roll out analytics for App Links, its cross-platform, open-source initiative, its acquired company Instagram also launched a similar update to its analytics for future advertisers.

App Links makes it easier for app developers to link to specific content. It was created in partnership with Parse (another company it acquired, just last year) and although the data available looks simple, its the first move in convincing other developers it’s the go-to service.

The goal of App Links is to encourage developers to use it for ecommerce and ads on Facebook’s News Feed on mobile devices. The analytic tools in App Links provide information about when a user gets sent to another app, when the user has arrived at their app from an App Link, and when the user returns to the original app.

The end goal of Facebook, however, is to get developers to pay Facebook to get apps installed on their devices, and also pay to get users back into the apps with reminders on the News Feed page of a Facebook account.

Instagram’s analytics update is able to provide marketers data in near real time. The analytics upgrade is targeted at advertisers who want greater visibility into how their marketing campaigns are fairing on the social media network.

The program is currently being rolled out to several of Instagram’s ad partners, but the photo platform wants to roll out the analytics program to all interested advertisers in the coming months. An interesting addition to the analytics upgrade allows marketers to see how an ad will look on Instagram on a mobile phone.

Although the data will be provided to marketers in real time, they won’t necessarily be able to change or adjust their ad campaigns instantly, which is an option on Facebook if an ad or story is getting an unusal amount of interaction.

“The ideas is to see which types of creative are working best,” said Jeff Kanter, product manager for Instagram. "Our goal is to give brands the tools and insights they need to be really effective.”

Information sourced from TechCrunch and Mashable.


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