Employees Want More Training & Skill Development

By Bizclik Editor


Are you losing valuable members of staff and cannot put your finger on the reason why? According to the latest Kelly Global Workforce Index, released today, Australian businesses are risking losing valuable members of staff, because more than half feel as though they are not receiving enough additional training and skill development.


The report indicates that 56 percent of Australian employees believe they don’t receive enough training from their current employer to gain the skills necessary to take the next step in their career.

The international survey questioned 122,000 people, including 5500 Australians. It also highlighted that additional training of skills could give them the opportunity for advancement to another company. However, there is an argument that states training your employees and furnishing them with a greater set of skills will actually boost staff retention.

Wendy Hewson, a member of Kelly Services executive leadership team said, “At the moment there is strong competition for good people in the workforce. Employers must be cognisant of what employees are looking for and what will make employees stay.”

If less than half of employees are getting what they need from their current workplaces, they will leave. Training people are looking for is in areas like innovation, leadership, bilingual skills and mobile technology,” she says.

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Practical Training & Mentoring is Popular with Australian Employees

The study also uncovered that 78 percent of Australian’s preferred to develop their skills through practical experience at work and a further 56 percent said education was the best way to improve their skills, followed by professional certification and mentoring.

“The latest KGWI survey highlights that training and professional development is not only essential to building workplace productivity, they also play an important role in the retention of employees. Almost two-thirds of Australians are focusing on workplace training as a means of advancing in their careers with their existing employer,” said Kelly Services Managing Director of Australia and New Zealand Karen Colfer, in a statement.

The survey clearly highlights that employees want to continue learning and developing their skills in the work place. While that does mean that ultimately you make your staff more employable, it also develops a bond between employer and employee, which could in fact mean they stay where they are. If you don’t train your employees and give them opportunities for personal development, the chances are you will lose them anyway.



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