CompTIA releases report highlighting cybersecurity concerns amongst ANZ IT professionals

By Sarah Smith

A recent survey conducted by industry analysts CompTIA has revealed that 35% of ANZ’s IT professionals believe their cybersecurity methods to be ‘simply adequate’, while 60% believe employees to pose the most significant risk of data breaches.

Following employees, the biggest risk factors were identified as malicious attacks (29%) and third-party partners (8%).

This feeling among professionals is at odds with data from the latest Notifiable Data Breaches Quarterly Statistics Report which found that 57% of data breaches were down to malicious or criminal intervention, but it nonetheless highlights a significant area for improvement amongst industry-wide cybersecurity practices.


“Employees may inadvertently jeopardise data, steal information for a competitor, or sell data or intelligence,” said James Bergl, Executive Council Member and Director of Sales at CompTIA ANZ, in the firm’s media release.

“This isn’t necessarily malicious behavior on the part of these employees but simply an indication that they lack awareness. To counter this risk, organisations should control access to company data. This can significantly improve the chances of catching this behaviour before it causes devastating damage.” 

CompTIA said in its press release that the best practice for boosting awareness of strong cybersecurity measures amongst employees is with short and regular training sessions based on real-world scenarios.


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