Coca-Cola acquires Australia’s Organic & Raw Trading Company

By Galia Ilan

The US-based beverage giant, the Coca-Cola Company, has acquired the Australian-based organic beverage manufacturer, Organic & Raw Trading Company.

The Willunga-headquartered firm is known for its Mojo brand of kombuha drinks made from naturally fermented tea.

“In just over eight years, Organic & Raw has gone from selling Mojo at a local farmers’ market to producing one of Australia’s leading organic kombucha brands,” stated Vamsi Mohan, President of Coca-Cola Australia.

“Our goal is to bring Mojo to more Australians by making it available in more places across the country.”


“This is another important step in our company’s ongoing work to offer beverages for all occasions, which continues our evolution as a total beverage company.”

“Across Australia, we now have more than 165 products and 25 brands. The addition of Mojo kombucha fits perfectly with the growing popularity of organic, probiotic drinks.”

Coca-Cola has acquired the company as part of its strategy to diversify its products and offer healthier beverages.

The Co-founder of Organic & Raw Trading Company, Anthony Crabb, and the firm’s Sales and Marketing Director, Andrew Butetry, will continue their roles.

“When we started out, we couldn’t have imagined the incredible growth and consumer demand we see today,” noted Crabb.

“As we continued to innovate, we soon realized that for us to take the business to the next level and provide probiotic beverages to even more people, we needed to find the right strategic partner. We found this partner in Coca-Cola.”


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