Chinese consumers in Australia can now access WeChat Pay and Alipay via AirPass

By Sarah Smith

Australian fintech firm AirPay Financial Technologies, along with Chinese mobile payment technology company SwiftPass, recently formed a new lifestyle brand known as AirPass through a regional collaboration

The now-launched AirPass platform enables Australian merchants to connect with Chinese consumers, with the capacity to accept both WeChat Pay and Alipay as well as access international markets.

Chinese tourists, whose spending abroad is currently booming, can leverage AirPass to enable a more seamless commercial experience in Australia.

AirPass is also integrable with a range of ecommerce platforms, ensuring Australian websites and mobile apps can take advantage of offering Chinese consumers easy payment options.

"AirPass is providing a user-friendly platform for Australian retailers to build their own eStore to facilitate marketing and payment - which is the key to entering the Chinese consumer market," said Tong Li, VP of SwiftPass, in the two firms’ joint statement.

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Jimmy Zhu, Chief Executive of AirPay Financial Technologies, added:

"We are thrilled to announce our regional partnership with SwiftPass and recently launch WeChat Pay and Alipay to Australia's largest and oldest pearling company Paspaley."

"There is huge demand from the market pushing us to deliver more advanced payment and marketing products."


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