China’s Entrepreneur Series explores the nation’s finest businessmen

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March saw the launch of a brand new series exploring China’s leading entrepreneurs and their enterprises, as well as a new partnership between LID Publishing and China Publishing Group Corp.

The book series will be released throughout the year; the first instalment landed on the Business Review Asia desk today. The books offer English-speaking audiences a rare insight into the lives of China’s entrepreneurs, from authors with inside access.

Here’s a rundown of the entrepreneurial careers explored in the book series (and when you can expect the books to hit shelves!)

1. Ren Zhengfei & Huawei (UK: May US: June)

Ren Zhengfei is well known in his home country for being down to earth and for keeping a low profile. His company Huawei is present almost everywhere, employing over 170,000 people and is a major player in the global telecommunications market. 

2. Dong Mingzhu & Gree (UK: May US: June)

Dong Mingzhu and Gree are perhaps the least well known from the grouping, but the story of the company and his personal efforts are equally as inspiring. The company has established itself as a major brand for consumer electronics and rice cookers.

3. Jack Ma & Alibaba (UK: June US: August)

Alibaba and its iconic leader Jack Ma need no introduction. China’s most recognised and valuable company has become a force to be reckoned with, but not without much difficulty – its journey is truly inspiring. From a small internet firm to a quasi-political player, Jack Ma’s insights are fascinating to say the least.      

4. Ma Huateng & Tencent (UK: July US: September)

Yet another reclusive leader of one of China’s premier tech companies, Ma Huateng was involved in presenting the world’s first instant messaging service and, since then, has gone from strength to strength.

5. Wang Jianlin & Dalian Wanda (UK: July US: September)

Wanda Group is the world’s largest property developer and also has assets in a number of Chinese cinema chains. With assets under control in excess of $100 billion, the company was one of the first to benefit from China’s economic reforms in the early 1990s. Founder Wang Jianlin explores how his organisation got to where it is today.

The China’s Entrepreneurs Series will be an important source of knowledge and inspiration for anyone interested in China, global business and the requirements for entrepreneurial success.

Read the April issue of Business Review Asia. 

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