Carbon Tax a Billing Mystery

By Bizclik Editor

In response to the upcoming implementation of the carbon tax, Australians will find an additional tax on their household energy bills – but the exact figure will not be itimised, The Daily Telegraph reported.

According to the newspaper, this figure will be “averaged” on consumers’ energy bills because the electricity companies claim “it is impossible to provide accurate itemised billing to every home and that it would put [us] squarely in the sights of the ACCC. ” They have reportedly rejected demands from the New South Wales Government to act otherwise.


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Opposition Leader Tony Abbott voiced his displeasure over this matter today, saying to Prime Minister Julia Gillard, “it is essential that the carbon tax be itemised on people's power bills. The Coalition is concerned that the government is trying to hide the true costs of the carbon tax from Australian households and business.”

Several state premiers have promised to force energy companies to provide exact figures on the bills if the issue of transparency is still unresolved by 1 July.

The tax won’t go unnoticeable on the household bill: the Federal Treasury estimated that the tax will increase electricity prices by up to 10 per cent, upping the ‘cost-of-living’ expenses by $9.90 per week. On average, many households will receive $10.10 per week in government support, Nine News said.

Gas charges are also expected to increase by nine per cent.


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