Australian Natural Therapeutics Group joins Global Cannabis Partnership

By Sarah Smith

Australian Natural Therapeutics Group (ANTG) has become the first Australian member of the Global Cannabis Partnership and the 39th in total.

The Group is comprised of market leaders around the world in the government-sanctioned cannabis industry committed to driving responsible production, distribution and consumption of legal cannabis.

ANTG, with operations based on the production of cannabinoid-based medicines and treatments, is one of the first licensed cannabis firms in Australia and has export and development contracts with Canada, the US and the European Union.

"We're excited to continue growing our membership across the world," said Kim Wilson, Executive Director of the Global Cannabis Partnership, in its press release. 


"ANTG's research background and experience in the Australian cannabis market brings valuable knowledge to the GCP, allowing us to further expand our global mandate."

James Gaskell, Partner and Executive Director of ANTG, added: "Being one of the first Australian licensed cannabis companies, we have the opportunity and responsibility to shape the future of the legalized cannabis industry. 

"The GCP is a perfect partnership opportunity for ANTG as we strive for quality, purity and sustainability at every step of our cultivation, extraction, production processes and with our internal systems and business operations."


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