Australia's Emerging Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs tend to be thriving in Australia.

In fact, Australia ranks second in the world amongst developed nations to those looking to start a new business, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. The first nation is the United States. Australia also ranks second in the world for women entrepreneurs, again sitting only behind the U.S.

So who are the best up and coming businessmen of Australia, and what makes them so successful?

Nick D’Aloisio – Summly

Are you familiar with the app Summly?

It condenses news articles to make them easier to read on smaller tablets and smartphones.

D’Aloisio created the app at just 15 years of age, and became 30 million dollars richer when Yahoo! purchased it.

Matt Barrie – Freelancer

Similar to oDesk or Elance in the United States, Freelancer is a job board for people seeking freelance work.

With the growth of the internet, there are millions of jobs out there for people talented in writing, editing, design and more.

Barrie created Freelancer with the hopes of it becoming “the eBay of jobs,” and with his incredible work ethic and commitment to the company, it’s well on its way.

Richard Chua – Talent100

Talent100 was created by high school student Richard Chua, now 27, to help high school students score well on tests and get into the college of their dreams.

You tell the company what score you need to get to be accepted into your desired college, and Talent100 breaks this down into achievable goals. The ‘100’ means that the company is 100% committed to you and your results. So far, the company has brought in more than 1.5 million dollars.

Amanda Lintott – Career Driven

Career Driven is a recruitment company specializing in the car and automotive sector, including sales. They go above and beyond just finding candidates for the job; they find the right person with the right experience that will fit in with your business’ particular environment.

The key to being successful is being extremely specialized, which is just what Career Driven has done. They are hoping to break into motor shows in the years ahead to continue growing their business.

Sarah and Emily Hamilton – Bellabox

Monthly subscriptions to beauty boxes are huge in the United States and are getting big in Australia, too.

Sarah and Emily Hamilton created Bellabox – similar to the U.S.’s Birchbox – back in 2011 and have seen incredible success thus far. They are hoping to turn the company into a worldwide business in the coming years.

To be a successful entrepreneur in any country you must be extremely driven.

Most entrepreneurs have start-up money or investors willing to help out, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

There are millions of opportunities for success by simply starting an online business, which doesn’t cost much of anything upfront. You must enjoy what you’re doing and be incredibly passionate about your line of business.

Most entrepreneurs aren’t geniuses – they’re regular people with an idea and a drive to see it succeed.

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