Aussies' old mobile phones going to waste, according to Deloitte

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According to the Deloitte mobile customer survey, Australians are missing out on golden opportunities to make extra money from selling their old devices once they’re done using them.

The survey revealed only eight per cent of Aussies sell their old mobile devices, while another 15 per cent recycle them. Singapore leads the world with the largest amount of people selling their old mobile phones with 27 per cent, while the UK is second at 21 per cent and Japan is third at 20 per cent.

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Deloitte report lead author Jeremy Drumm believes a large chunk of people store their old devices once they replace them in order to ensure they have a replacement should anything happen to their new phone.

However, this creates an abundant amount of waste being produced by the nation’s device replacement practices.

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Deloitte’s 2015 Global Mobile Consumer Survey is the biggest and most extensive there is, capturing consumer behavior and trends across six continents and 31 countries. The survey exposes the usage habits of connected consumers whose preferences are driving mobile solutions in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

The survey also revealed:

  • 81 per cent of Aussies check our mobile device within one minute after walking. For those ages 18-24, 50 per cent of them check their phone within five minutes
  • Aussies multitask 88 per cent of the time while riding public transportation; 83 per cent of the time while watching T.V.; 73 per cent of the time while out at a restaurant; 42 per cent of the time while driving
  • We check out mobile phones 30 times a day on average, and 440 million times as a country
  • 42 per cent of Aussies check their phone within 15 minutes before going to sleep, while 44 per cent of those ages 18-24 look at it within five minutes of calling it a night
  • 95 per cent of us have taken a photo with our cell phone regardless of age
  • 41 per cent of Australians own Apple mobile devices, and 61 per cent will stay loyal to Apple; 32 per cent own Samsung and 47 per cent will remain loyal; 27 per cent own another brand, and 42 per cent will stay loyal


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