Auckland Airport submits plans for longer second runway to handle bigger aircraft

By Addie Thomes

Auckland Airport wants its proposed second runway to be longer than originally planned in order to cater for the likes of Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 aircraft.

Having operated on a single runway since it opened around 50 years ago, it expects passenger numbers to more than double to 44mn by 2044. Consent for a second runway was approved back in 2002.

In an update on its website, Auckland Airport said: “Auckland Airport has lodged two Notice of Requirement applications with Auckland Council to develop a second runway… To accommodate the future growth in passenger numbers and larger aircraft it is now proposed that the second runway be 72m further north and extended from 2150m to 2983m longer than what was first planned.”

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It is anticipated that the new runway opens around 2028, as this is when the original runway is expected to hit full capacity.

One concern that will have to be overcome is noise and how this will impact more residents. To compensate, Auckland Airport is looking at offering finance for insulation and heat pumps, which would enable affected homes to have their windows shut in summer months.

The expected noise levels generated by the new runway can be viewed on an interactive map signposted from Auckland Airport’s website.

These latest changes require several consent hearings before they are approved, and could be appealed to the Environment Court of New Zealand.


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