6 ways to create a sustainable working environment

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Transforming your business into a sustainable working environment can deliver business benefits in addition to benefits for our surroundings. This is especially true in the not-for-profit sector, where several people are happy to work at a company that is environmentally-friendly.

Most companies receive direct benefits from investing in sustainability, particularly in energy efficiency, cost savings and staff engagement.

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However, it does take time and energy to make sustainable improvements to your workplace, as you also need to analyse your operations and measure performance in order to achieve the best results.

As the world searches for new ways to help protect the environment, it takes everyone—both individual people and companies. Among the best ways to achieve that is through sustainability, as there are many small, simple tasks businesses can use to help cut back their carbon footprint and move toward more friendly environmental initiatives.

Below are six ways your company can reshape itself into a more sustainable business, according to ProBono Australia.

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1. Purchase compact fluorescent lights (CFL)

These lights last much longer while using 20-30 per cent less energy than normal light bulbs. The energy reduction will be substantial over time.

2. Purchase electronic machinery

This could be a major move for factories and warehouses. Electric machines are just as reliable and durable as their gas-fueled rivals, but still reduce consumption and amounts of pollution.

3. Install solar panels

Since they don’t require anything except sunlight, solar panels are a much more renewable and abundant options than using coal or gas. Those who use it may have a noticeable difference in both prices and utility consumption rates after installing them.

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4. Turn off lights when not using them

Although this is obvious and more of a mindset than a necessary purchase, turning off lights or outlets when they aren’t needed will reduce energy consumption and is a big step toward helping the environment.

5. Install new windows

Since older windows let cool or warm air escape during the summer and winter respectively, it also allows air from the outside into the building. There’s a sizeable difference between a fully-functioning window and one that’s working just moderately, as it will help reduce your energy bill and help your company conserve.

6. Use recycled paper and printing goods

Recycling paper is one of the best ways to save trees, as some types have even become endangered. Switching over to chlorine-free paper as well as recyclable toner cartridges and non-toxic printing ink will also help eradicate hazardous materials that pollute the environment.

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