5 Australian Companies That Took Their Brands Global

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Australia is one of the most affluent and advanced countries in the world, and it is home to many multinational companies.

These companies managed to achieve success both domestically and globally because they are able to develop great products and marketing campaigns that are appealing to consumers around the world. Businesses of all sizes can learn valuable lessons from them.

Here is a look at a few of the top Aussie companies that succeeded in taking their brands global.


Founded in 1975, Telstra is presently the largest Australian telecommunications and media company. Its activities include building and operating telecommunications networks, and marketing a wide range of communication and entertainment products and services, including pay television, Internet access and others. As of 2013, the company generated $25.5 billion in revenue.  


Wesfarmers is one of the largest retailers in Australia, and it has a workforce of more than 200,000 people nationwide, which is the largest in the country. This company has many subsidiaries that collectively provide an extensive range of products and services, from office supplies to insurance. Some of these subsidiaries include Coles Supermarkets, Pick 'n' Pay Hypermarket, Bunnings Warehouse, Officeworks, BusinessDirect, Kmart, Target, Wesfarmers Insurance and Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy and Fertilisers.

QBE Insurance

QBE Insurance is Australia's largest global insurance company, and it offers insurance to consumers in Australia, Europe, United States and the Asia-Pacific region. In 2014, the company has more than 16,000 employees working in 52 offices around the world. As of 2012, it was ranked 18th among general insurance companies worldwide.


Amcor is a global packaging company that uses flexible and rigid plastics to develop packaging solutions. Its products are used for storing and protecting food, beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, personal and household goods. It has a global workforce of about 27,000 people and operations in 43 countries.

Commonwealth Bank

Established in 1911, Commonwealth Bank is a multinational bank with operations in Australia, New Zealand, US, UK, Asia and Fiji. It offers a wide variety of financial services, including retail and business banking, funds management, investment and broking services, and insurance. It has a number of subsidiaries, which include ASB Bank, Bankwest, Colonial First State Investments, Commonwealth Securities and Commonwealth Insurance.

Marketing Strategies of Australia's Top Global Companies

According to an article entitled "5 Easy Ways to Save More Money", people who wish to reach their goals should set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely (S.M.A.R.T).

That is how the top Australian global companies establish and achieve their marketing goals.

They use a wide array of marketing techniques that have been proven to be effective, such as print media, content marketing, TV commercials, digital advertising, online films, outdoor advertising and sports sponsorship.

Some of them are also investing substantially in trendy marketing methods such as mobile marketing and social media marketing.

As the global economy continues to improve, Australian multinational companies can expect to enjoy greater success in the near future.

About the Author: John McMalcolm is a freelance writer who writes on a wide range of subjects, from social media marketing to Cloud computing.


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