Jun 14, 2021

Top 12 rising female business leaders in Asia

Kate Birch
11 min
From education to engineering, pharma to hospitality, these 12 rising businesswoman in Asia have been chosen for EY’s Entrepreneurial 2021 program

EY has announced its 14 female business leaders across Asia-Pacific (12 across Asia) that have been selected for the 2021 EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women, a program that targets high-potential women entrepreneurs and established businesses who are ready to scale globally and helps them to scale their businesses to reach full potential and break down barriers.

Representing China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Sri Lanka countries in Asia, and also Australia, each of the women bring an innovative mindset, while some bring deep technological experience, which has led to breakthrough solutions in areas such as biopharma, developing sharing economies and reducing skills shortages with easy-to-use software tools.

All demonstrating “tremendous potential for ground-breaking innovations at a time when societies need them most”, according to Kath Carter, EY Global Talent Leader, the women all run high-growth businesses across a wide variety of sectors including education, architecture and engineering, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, consumer and hospitality.

The EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women program will build on the 14 business leaders’ successes by providing them with strategic support, training and access to the EY entrepreneurial ecosystem across the globe.

Here, we highlight the top 12 women across Asia.

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