May 11, 2021

Top 10 newest self-made Chinese billionaires on the block

Kate Birch
7 min
China is leading the self-made billionaire charge boasting more than 40% of the world’s newest billionaires, and the majority of which are self-made

Considering China has the largest number of people on the planet, it’s logical that it would also have the largest number of billionaires. However, growing and nurturing billionaires is a new thing for China coinciding with the country’s liberalisation of its economy and successive high-growth rates.

And no more is this seen than in the latest Forbes' World's Billionaires List 2021, in which China dominates. 

Over the last year, China has added more billionaires to the list than any other country globally and it’s the first time a Chinese city has been named the billionaire capital with Beijing pipping New York City to the top-spot with 100 billionaires to the Big Apple’s 99. China now has 626 billionaires, according to Forbes’ World’s Billionaires list 2021.

Of this 626 Chinese billionaires, 205 of them are new, having hit billionaire status in the last 12 months (worth a combined US$380bn) with all except two self-made.

While some of the newcomers are involved in manufacturing or technology ventures, much like most of China’s billionaires, two of the top 10 newcomers are sustainably focused and others have seen their businesses boom during the pandemic. Many have floated their companies in the last year and seen their shares flourish. 

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