What 5G applications are Optus showcasing at the Commonwealth Games?

By Addie Thomes

Optus has been busy demonstrating its 5G credentials at the Commonwealth Games, now underway on the Gold Coast.

Already committed alongside Telstra to delivering 5G networks to prominent urban areas by early next year, the pressure has been on for Aussie telcos to showcase their 5G potential.

Optus 5G Live is the company’s first public showcase using a live Optus 5G network, aimed at providing visitors with a hands-on experience of what’s possible with 5G technology.

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Among the 5G applications on display are:

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors. This robot hand challenges users to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors – an example of how machine arm intelligence, coupled with high speeds, can be applied into the manufacturing industry to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Robotic Arm. Using 5G technology and motion detection to control a mechanical arm, users will be able to pull a rugby ball out of a vending machine. The robot arm mimics movements in real time, highlighting how 5G will provide the high speeds and low-latency needed to viably assist surgeons when operating remotely.
  • VR Football. Virtual reality headsets have the potential to change sports training. In this experience, users can catch a football, while being fully immersed in a 360-degree video. For athletes, this can be used for remote training, allowing coaches to have a full view of your training and technique.
  • VR Cycling. Using the super-fast speeds of 5G, visitors can take a ride on the specially designed bike in a stadium ride off.
  • VR Driving. This experience showcases how 5G will in the future allow for virtual driving – an experience where the driver can control a vehicle from a remote location. In difficult or dangerous environments, this could reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.
  • 360-degree dome. Walk inside the Optus 360-degree dome and experience events from the Games.

Managing Director of Optus Networks Dennis Wong said: “For people to be able to walk off the street and interact with real 5G technology is an incredibly exciting development as we continue towards leading in the delivery of the first phase of 5G technology in 2019.

“Educating consumers on the full range of benefits and potential that 5G may offer is an important step in working towards a digitally enabled world.”


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