Saving energy and money in APAC: LG on smart devices

By William Girling
South Korean electronics manufacturer LG has given advice to consumers that switching to smart appliances can save energy, money and the planet...

South Korean electronics manufacturer LG has given advice to consumers that switching to smart appliances can save energy, money and the planet.

Announced as part of Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, the company advises that, for anyone considering a practical way to become more eco-friendly, “a good place to get started is right in your home with smart, energy-saving home appliances and tools.”

Simple ways to save energy

Connecting the household: Forgetting to turn off lights or leaving devices to charge for too long are common occurrences which can quickly add up in terms of energy usage. LG notes that smartphone apps exist which allow consumers to monitor and control electrical appliances remotely:

“Smart appliances – from room air conditioners to laundry – can also be monitored and controlled more efficiently than ever through a simple, central app – like the ThinQ app from LG.”

Keep up maintenance: Poorly maintained electrical devices are prone to expending waste energy and increasing the cost of the item considerably. LG’s Proactive Customer Support provides customers with maintenance tips and usage reports to drive optimisation.


“If Proactive Customer Care detects that your LG dryer is experiencing reduced airflow in the vent, it alerts the user with the steps to take to fix the problem and restore optimum drying capability while saving energy.”

Choose energy-efficient models: The best way to save energy is to buy a model which lists its efficiency as a feature. Using the latest technology and manufacturing techniques, these appliances will be designed to save money, energy and run in a more eco-friendly way.

“Switching to smart appliances not only makes your life easier, it also goes some way toward protecting the planet and conserving our natural resources.”

Creating the modern ‘smart home’

Companies such as LG are paving the way for the ‘smart home’ - a domestic orientation of the ‘smart city’ concept which is redefining energy use and how digital technology intertwines with everyday life.

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