Popular Social App WeChat Integrates With LinkedIn

By We Photo Booth You

LinkedIn is about to get a lot more social.

WeChat, a global social app, has announced its integration with LinkedIn, allowing the 5.5 million and growing Australians on the professional network new features and options. An impressive one-third of the Australian workforce is currently on Linkedin.

With the integration comes the ability to see which LinkedIn contacts are on WeChat. By adding contacts, users will be able to easily chat with their connections, providing the option to get to know them on a deeper professional level. Users will also be able to view their contacts’ LinkedIn profiles on WeChat. A “Namecard” option will appear in a user’s WeChat profile page, allowing them to share their professional identity. A QR code is also now available in LinkedIn, allowing users to scan and immediately add their connections in LinkedIn to their WeChat list of contacts.

The number of WeChat users in Australia has grown more than 30 percent in a year, no doubt one of the deciding factors in LinkedIn’s decision to integrate. Specifically, close to three quarters of users in the Asia-Pacific region are between 16 and 34.

“We are extremely pleased with WeChat’s positive growth both globally and in the Asia Pacific region.  WeChat continues to revolutionise the way people connect with each other, and GWI’s latest results indicate WeChat’s strong and diverse offering to users. We consistently strive to provide users with a holistic social communication experience and will continue to deliver with this revolutionary, all-in-one approach,” said Poshu Yeung, Vice President of International Business Group at Tencent.

“WeChat has witnessed a remarkable penetration rate this quarter, further emphasising how WeChat’s efficient and entertaining platform continues to attract users at a massive scale. We are excited about WeChat’s breakthrough and look forward to witnessing its continued growth globally,” said Brett Petersen, Director of Research and Consulting at GlobalWebIndex.



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