NZCIS: enhancing communities with technology

By Allen Jack

The New Zealand Campus of Innovation and Sport (NZCIS) will soon feature a brand new sports facility, which is part of an NZ$80mn redevelopment project. 

The $30mn Wellington-based facility is expected to bring a new level of prestige to NZCIS as a global leader in its field. Featuring a large 70m x 50m field, bike studio, plunge pools, sauna and 1000m x 1000m gymnasium, the facility is an ambitious and impressively modern construction.

Also included are food preparation facilities and over 300 separate rooms for accommodation.

"We can’t wait to welcome our first teams in 2021,” commented Malcolm Gillies, one of the developers. ”I love being part of projects that enhance communities and help people grow and reach their potential.”

Where people and technology meet

Combining the latest, state-of-the-art technology with a people-focused approach to delivery, the developers are confident that the new facility will be unique and superior to similar sports centres across New Zealand. 


Aiming to help teams and individuals reach their full potential, the sports fields will be equipped with sensors and cameras to capture real-time data on athletes’ performances. This information can then be reviewed and improved upon.

One of the project’s partners, Jamie Tout, explained that the new facility came about as the result of intense research and consultation with industry leaders. 

“We wanted to benchmark against the best globally. We consulted with Manchester United, visited football and rugby powerhouses in Europe, the New York Yankees and the Singapore Institute of Sport to see what they are offering,” he said. 

“We asked many sporting teams and bodies what they wanted and have incorporated that feedback into the design of this facility as well.”

An exciting opportunity

Although the facility has yet to be finished, sporting organisation leaders have already expressed their excitement for the project’s completion.

Matt Evans, CEO at Wellington Rugby, commented that the team was “excited by a 2021 move to the state-of-the-art sports hub being developed by NZCIS in Upper Hutt.”

"The facility being built will allow the union to be on the same campus as other leading sporting brands from the region whilst providing the perfect environment to further develop international academy activities.”

"This exciting opportunity is set to change the way sporting brands and unions interact with each other and the wider community and I look forward to what the future holds,” he said.

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