LTI: the future of remote and hybrid workforces (COVID-19)

By Georgia Wilson
Larsen & Toubro Infotech, launches LTI Canvas, a modern software engineering platform leveraging Microsoft technologies for remote and hybrid workforce...

Leading global technology consulting and digital solutions company - Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI) - has announced the launch of LTI Canvas, a modern software engineering platform designed to address the critical needs of organisations wanting to enable remote working and hybrid workforces.

About the LTI Canvas integrated platform

LTI Canvas brings together processes, tools and methodologies to drive technology and business outcomes via an integrated platform for teams operating in a distributed environment. The resilient digital platforms will help organisations to improve their effectiveness and ability to innovate in a remote or hybrid environment. 

LTI Canvas is a combination of Microsoft technologies and LTI solutions, in order to help IT professionals across various industries to collaborate easily and maintain productivity. Based on a microservices architecture the platform leverages Microsoft platforms including Azure, Microsoft 365 and Teams, along with LTI’s Ways of Working solution stack.

LTI Canvas helps organisations to streamline processes such as software development, support, transition, knowledge management, infrastructure management, and information security, by consolidating capabilities across Cloud, Agile, DevOps and Design Thinking leveraging AI/ML and analytics.

"The pandemic has forced enterprises to rethink their approach to business continuity and employee productivity. With hybrid work environment gaining quick traction, we designed LTI Canvas as an integrated platform that allows software engineering to be delivered remotely. LTI Canvas drives impactful interventions and also enables upstream processes like solutioning, requirement workshops and transitions to be carried out remotely. LTI Canvas is our design for the future of software engineering,” commented Nachiket Deshpande, COO & Executive Board Member, LTI.

"We are inspired by our customers and partners who are harnessing digital tools to navigate the emerging environment across industries and geographies. Microsoft Azure and advanced technologies will help securely accelerate tech intensity across organizations and enable the innovations that can reimagine the workplace. We're pleased to partner with LTI on LTI Canvas, which has a unique layered approach to achieve the best outcomes for organizations developing work-from-anywhere capabilities,” added Meetul Patel, Executive Director, Strategic Growth, Microsoft India.

Beyond Work from Home (WFH)

LTI Canvas goes beyond just work from home, taking an everything from home (xFH) approach, built up of five layers all of which have a specific set of tools, governance and outcomes. 

Layer one: this layer addresses the core requirement to be 'operational from home’, enabling swift and efficient remote working. 

Layer two: layer two provides secure connectivity options to be 'secure from home'. 

Layer three: the third layer helps employees to stay 'engaged from home' driving active collaboration.

Layer four: this layer helps improve output levels and be 'productive from home'. 

Layer five: The final layer enables 'growth from home' both personal and organisational, driving appropriate scale.

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