Johnson & Johnson Advancing Healthcare Solutions in China

By Georgia Wilson
Johnson & Johnson’s innovation arm in China collaobrates with three strategic partners to advance healthcare solutions...

Recent announcement made by Johnson & Johnson innovation - a division of Johnson & Johnson (China) Investment Limited - announces its latest collaborations with three strategic partners in China to advance healthcare solutions. 

"At Johnson & Johnson Innovation, we recognize China as an important innovative hotspot in Asia Pacific and are committed to deepening our support for the country's healthcare ecosystem. These new collaborations demonstrate our commitment to building connections between entrepreneurs, researchers, biotech companies and other innovators to accelerate innovation for the benefit of patients and consumers in China and the world for years to come,” commented Dan Wang, Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Asia Pacific.

AI in drug discovery

Janssen Pharmaceutica NV - a company of Johnson & Johnson - has developed a multi-target drug discovery in collaboration with Insilico Medicine Hong Kong Ltd. who specialises in AI-based drug discovery. As part of the agreement Insilico Medicine's AI-based platform will be harnessed to design small molecule hits with the defined properties for several targets picked by Janssen. 

“The collaboration aims to generate novel and fully patentable chemical scaffolds for difficult targets using AI-based drug designing, potentially leading to significant reductions in time and cost in identifying biologically active hits against selected targets,” noted Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

AI solutions for lung cancer detection

Via its affiliation with Johnson & Johnson (China) Investment Limited, the Lung Cancer Initiative at Johnson & Johnson in China will collaborate with Diannei (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co. Ltd., who specialises in AI solutions for lung cancer management,

“The agreement will see both parties work together to develop computer vision AI for lung cancer diagnosis. Diannei's expertise is in developing AI solutions with deep learning for medical image analysis.” commented Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

Innovative solutions for sports injury

Johnson & Johnson Medical (Shanghai) Limited (JJMS) is set to collaborate with Taikang Online Insurance Co. Ltd. ( - an online healthcare insurance company - to establish an innovative sports injury insurance package. 

JJMS will provide its industrial insights, while will design reimbursement coverage for sports enthusiasts, with ambitions to enable timely diagnosis and appropriate surgical treatment.

"Johnson & Johnson has deep roots in China for the past 35 years to address the growing needs of patients and consumers. We are delighted to mark the third annual CIIE, a significant platform that supports the expansion, innovation and internationalization of the Chinese business environment, by announcing these new collaboration agreements. These agreements span a diverse range of focus areas and represent a valuable opportunity to advance human health for the country by connecting global and local innovators with the expertise of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies to help transform great ideas into breakthrough solutions,” commented Will Song, Global Senior Vice President, China Chairman, Johnson & Johnson.

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