[Infographic] Australia. Twitter. 2014. What Happened?

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It’s that time of year folks. Before the clock strikes midnight for the New Year, we all like to reminisce about the year coming to a pass. One component of technology that was consistent al the year through was the presence of social media in our personal lives, at our jobs—basically everywhere. Our shows now have hashtags in the corners so we can discuss what is happening as it is happening. Movements gain momentum on Twitter faster than they could ever had before, like the recent #Illridewithyou trend that was the wonderful response to the potential for racism after the Sydney Siege.

What it comes down to is that social media is an incredibly important tool for businesses and individuals alike. And Twitter is a great, cost effective way for you to connect with your customers and prospective clientele. One of the best ways to attract new followers is to keep up with trending topics on the social media platform.

See below for an infographic of the biggest trends Australia took to on Twitter this year. I was impressed by a few of the trends Australia took to last year. Remembrance Day was the most tweeted event, demonstrating Aussie’s support of their military past and present. Lorde, the New Zealand native turned world-famous singer, tweeted two images of herself: one photoshopped, and the other au natural with the phrase “Remember flaws are okay.”

The World Cup was a huge topic on Twitter this year as well, with Tim Cahill’s “Cahilling” making an impact on the tweeting public (Cahilling: taking a picture of yourself reacting to something, i.e. Cahill showing surprise after a goal).

One of the more recent and more touching trend was #putoutyourbats, a tribute to fallen cricketer Phillip Hughes.

Now, none of these trends or topics has a direct correlation to what you may be doing for your business, so how does this information help? If you focus some of your own tweets and use trending #hashtags, and even relate them to your business in some way, you could appeal to a wider audience, ultimately drawing people to your own account and brand. Part of our strategy in the New Year includes being more on trend.

What’s your social media strategy in 2015? Tell us on Twitter.


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