Huawei: electrical power sector needs urgent transformation

By Georgia Wilson
In a recent summit held by Huawei, the company highlighted that the electrical power industry needs urgent transformation...

This week marked the seventh Huawei Global Power Summit its theme: ‘Bits Drive Watts, Building a Fully Connected Smart Grid’. The summit was held online inviting global customers, partners, industry experts, and thought leaders in the electric power industry to discuss the impact and response to COVID-19, as well as political and economic uncertainties. 

Seizing opportunities to transform the electric power Industry

Around the world electric power companies are striving to improve quality and efficiency when deploying data centers and reconstructing management platforms. Their aim is to provide more reliable, efficient, and greener energy while maintaining grid security, and offering more value-added services through the energy internet to drive social development. However, Huawei explains that traditional operational models and technologies are failing to support this transformation. As a result, the company highlights some core questions that need answering in order to drive this transformation:

  • How the global electric power industry can adapt to new trends?
  • How can grids detect security issues in real time and respond quickly?
  • How can the industry make better use of clean energy and reduce carbon emissions? 
  • How can energy networks match the rapidly expanding charging pile network and achieve efficient management?

"Huawei helps customers cope with these industry challenges and seize future opportunities through digital transformation," commented David Sun, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise BG and President of the Global Energy Business Unit. "Huawei looks forward to sharing the digital transformation experience of China's electric power and other industries with more customers, drive watts with bits, and build smart grids to help global electric power companies accelerate development."

Harnessing new ICT to empower smart grids

With an increasing number of electric power companies placing their digital transformation strategies as a top priority, Huawei and other industry leaders at the summit illustrated the importance of 5G, AI, big data, and cloud computing to drive this transformation. “For example, China Southern Power Grid (CSG) finds that power distribution networks and users require power grid communication that features wide connectivity, high bandwidth, low latency, high reliability, and fast deployment. These features ensure intelligent power distribution and metering, and facilitate the development of smart home and Internet of Vehicles (IoV). In response, Huawei's advanced 5G slicing technology enables end-to-end communication of smart grids, ensuring secure and reliable power distribution networks as well as improved efficiency,” commented Huawei in a company statement.Other ways Huawei is driving digital transformation within the industry is the use of cloud technology and data platforms to provide mass data storage and computing capabilities. Combined together, Huawei can integrate data assets from multiple systems of a power grid company into one platform, via high-speed data processing and sharing. “New ICT can also improve the operation and maintenance O&M efficiency of electric power companies. The State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) worked with Huawei to build a digital platform, IoT platform, and cloud, which reduces the time it takes to collect and store data from four hours to 30 minutes for its Henan branch,” added Huawei, who concluded that “providing digital services by leveraging abundant fiber and site resources and innovative ICT solutions has become one of the major digital transformation trends for global electric power companies.”

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