How Mitsubishi's R32 technology has improved air conditioning in Australia

By Uwear

There's some good news this summer for Aussies.

In an effort to increase energy efficiency, Mitsubishi Electric Australia has launched a new type of air conditioner that features R32 refrigerant technology.

The latest MSZ-GL series air conditioners are highlighted by built-in innovation that provides fast and very quiet air conditioning to Aussie households. With the use of R32 technology, the units are not only improved, but have a third of the global warming potential as well.

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Being designed for user-friendly operation, the MSZ-GL series has a “set and forget” feature with intuitive settings along with a quiet and expansive airflow. Other characteristics include a weekly timer as well as an “i-save” mode to recall pre-set temperatures.

In addition, there is an optional Wi-Fi control that connects the unit to a smartphone, tablet or online account, which allows for even more flexibility to control each unit remotely.

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R32 is a low global warming potential (GWP) hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant. According to analysts, pure R32 can perform around six per cent more efficiently than the commonly used blended refrigerant R410A, making it less polluting and cheaper to use.

A single-gas refrigerant, R32 is believe to be easier to recycle when a cooling system reaches the end of its useful life, which further reduces the lifetime environmental cost of an R32 system. Meanwhile, refrigerant blends such as R410A are much harder to recycle due to the need to separate all the different components.

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According to National Product Manager Atesh Mani, the R32 refrigerant technology has completely revolutionised its air conditioning by delivering benefits for the environment along with improving energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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