Forrester APAC 2021 technology predictions

By Georgia Wilson
Forrester APAC 2021 predictions identifies that digitally advanced firms will have a sustained advantage over competitors...

In an announcement made by Forrester, the company reports the release of its 2021 predictions in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

Looking to 2021, Forrester predicts that it will be the year that every company drives their efforts towards technology-fuelled experiences, operations, products, and ecosystems. WIth the company highlighting that an organisation's success is dependent on its speed and ability to harness technology, key 2021 Predictions in the APAC region from Forrester include:

  • An increasing number of companies will become platform businesses to survive in the digital era. “25% of firms will shift from experimenting to pragmatically connecting the ecosystems essential to their customers.”
  • CMOs will put the customer at the centre of everything, with company spend on loyalty and retention marketing to increase by 30%.
  • A reduction in workplace engagement due to COVID-19, with innovation expected to drop by 25% in APAC as a result.
  • CIOs will embrace cloud first and platform strategies, ith 305 of firms expected to accelerate their spend on cloud, security and risk, networks, and mobility in 2021.
  • At least one government in APAC is expected to embrace a Zero Trust cybersecurity framework in 2021, due to the accelerated adoption of cloud technology and the increase in remote working.

"The pandemic accelerated the need for digital transformation. The current economic climate has increased the urgency for every enterprise to embrace technology as a strategic asset. Asia Pacific is finally entering a decade of a digitally levelled playing field. Firms in the region will be at par with or even exceed the rest of the world in terms of technology-driven business model innovation. COVID-19 affected Asia Pacific first, and we expect it will also be the first to emerge from the crisis,” commented Ashutosh Sharma, VP and research director at Forrester.

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