EOS Group sets its sights on space comms

By Allen Jack

Electro Optic Systems (EOS), a leading tech company based in New South Wales, are reportedly set to acquire US communications company Audacy Corporation.

The A$10mn deal will provide the necessary licenses to use microwave spectrum bands to communicate with orbiting satellites. This means that EOS will be able to develop a satellite network and expand its communications and data transfer services globally. 

Although EOS has entered the market utilising microwave technology, it does not expect to maintain this approach.

In an article with Business News Australia, the company emphasised that it employs microwave tech because of its practical utility: 99% of the space comms sector uses it. However, EOS telegraphed its intentions to develop ‘optical communications technology’ as a progression.

"In the long-term, EOS expects most space communications to be implemented with optical communications, a technology that is not regulated or controlled because it cannot interfere with other users," said the company.

“EOS recognised early the wide range of developments required for achieving the next leap forward in satellite communications,” said Dr. Ben Greene, Group CEO, in a press release discussing the company’s move to space comms. 


“We have identified at least $120bn of satellite communications infrastructure investment over the next 20 years which must be aligned with, and ultimately adapt to, the wave of optical communications capabilities emerging globally. We will enter this market immediately.”

Providing world-class Australian technology

Offering its technology not just to the space market but to the defence market too, EOS Group’s acquisition of Audacy represents the latest of several expansion developments, most notably the purchase of EM Solutions in September 2019.

This was followed by confirmation in December 2019 that EOS had inked a $45mn contract with the Australian Defence Force. Providing 82 ‘R400S-Mk2-D-HD’ systems, the company was glad to offer its assistance to national defense.

“The R400 is world-class Australian technology supported by over 70 Australian supply chain providers and is an excellent demonstration of Australian defense industry capability supporting Australia’s soldiers,” said Grant Sanderson, CEO of EOS Defence Systems.

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