Nov 06, 2020

Chindata Group: Asia's largest single hyperscale data centre

Cindata Group
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Georgia Wilson
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Chindata Group new data centre
Chindata Group opens the largest single hyperscale data centre in Shanxi, Asia...

In an announcement made by Chindata Group, the group has reported the opening of its single hyperscale data centre - the largest in Asia. the new hyperscale data centre will sit within the group’s Taihang Mountain Energy and Information Technology Industrial Campus of the Pan-Beijing Area, Datong, North China's Shanxi province.

In total the data centre has a capacity of 50 megawatts in order to support artificial intelligence (AI) based computing that is being delivered by global tech giants. The group reports that for a single server room in the new data centre building, the IT capacity could be over 18 megawatts.

Following the announcement, Chindata Group launched an online video, providing a virtual tour inside the data centre, as well as showcasing its construction process to highlight the state-of-the-art technologies it has applied to the building.

“With more than 12 tailored pending or approved patents, this single data center is equipped with latest technologies, ranging from power distribution network, IT equipment, cooling system, to energy utilization, in support of the sustainable operation of this Asia's largest single hyperscale data center,” commented Chindata Group

“Chindata Group has initially employed one self-own 110kV cabin substation and one back-up 35kV substation plus an access to dedicated renewable energy into this campus. By advanced power system architecture and multiple independent power supply from the State Grid, this campus boasts the most reliable power distribution network in China's data center industry in response to leading technology companies' power demands,” added the group.

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