May 20, 2020

BASF opens regional platform for design activities in Shanghai

BASF Asia Pacific
BASF Innovation Campus Asia Pacific
Nye Longman
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BASF opens regional platform for design activities in Shanghai

BASF is connecting with designers in the Asia Pacific region to create a new design platform in Shanghai. designfabrik® helps designers in the region realise their concepts by bridging the gaps between creative ideas and the possibilities of various materials.

At the same facility, BASF is hosting design-related activities for coatings solutions, care chemicals, construction chemicals, pigments and leather chemicals. The hub provides advanced solutions for multiple industries including automotive, cosmetics, building and consumer goods.

The new platform is located at the BASF Innovation Campus Asia Pacific (Shanghai), the company’s largest research and development (R&D) site in the region and the global headquarters of Advanced Materials & Systems Research.

“With our design expertise, we want to translate inventions into daily products that enhance people’s quality of life, by connecting industrial designers with BASF researchers, developers and business experts,” said Harald Lauke, President of Advanced Materials & Systems Research, and Regional Research Representative for Asia Pacific, BASF.

At designfabrik, customers' designers and design consultants collaborate with BASF in-house designers and engineers. BASF design experts focus on appearance, colour, surface and function, while the company’s engineers provide assistance in the development of component design adapted to plastics.

“At designfabrik we will assist designers in the various phases of product develop­ment and to help them realize even the most daring ideas,” said Andy Postlethwaite, Senior Vice President, Performance Materials Asia Pacific.

“Design is at the heart of the interface between customers and products. Our mission is to be the first point of contact at BASF for all design driven industries,” said Eva von Traitteur, Head of designfabrik Shanghai and BASF Design Centre Asia Pacific.

“We collaborate closely with teams across R&D and business divisions with diverse material, processing and industry expertise under the same roof. This makes it easier to develop original solutions with a long term horizon, in addition to providing ongoing design consultancy for our customers.”

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