May 19, 2020

Australian Defence Force to spend $100 million on drones

Wedaeli Chibelushi
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Australian Defence Force to spend $100 million on drones

This morning, the Australian Defence Force announced it would spend $100 million on a fleet of small surveillance drones. 

The Wasp AE drones are made by AeroVironment and used by the US military. It is considered to be one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in the infantry's inventory. Its off-the-shelf cost in the US is deemed to be $US49,000 ($65,000)

The government has not said how many drones are to be purchased. However, Sydney Morning Herald reported the $100 million would buy “at least 200 WASP drones”.

Wasp AE drones are small enough to be carried, assembled and used by one person. They allow soldiers to “see over the hill, around the corner and down the road”, according to defence minister Marise Payne.

Shares in XTEK Limited, a small ASX-listed company in the homeland security market acquiring the drone for the ADF, shot up after the sale was revealed


Source: Business Insider

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