Alibaba Group debuts cloud computer and delivery robots

By Georgia Wilson
At its 12th annual Apsara Conference, Alibaba Group debuted its cloud computer and delivery robots to accelerate customer digital transformation...

In an announcement made by Alibaba Group, the company reports the unveiling of its cloud computer and delivery robots, designed to accelerate customer digital transformation.

Cloud computer

At its 12th annual Apsara Conference, Alibaba Group first unveiled its palm sized personal computer, that despite being 60g offers high performance computing capability due to robust back-end cloud resources.

By connecting the cloud computer with a normal computer screen, a user can benefit from almost unlimited computing resources anytime, anywhere.

“We hope our cloud computer can help people access resilient computing power whenever they need to, so they can conduct complex tasks which usually require sophisticated and powerful PCs, such as video editing, animation rendering, software development, and online customer services, with a tiny personal computer at hand now,” commented Jeff Zhang, President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. 

“As working from home becomes the new normal during and after the pandemic, we believe our innovation can also help users more easily enjoy the benefits of cloud computing anytime, anywhere, in a cost-effective yet secure way.”

Autonomous logistics robot for last mile deliveries

Developed by the Alibaba DAMO Academy, the delivery robot - unveiled by Alibaba Group at its 12th annual Apsara Conference - can carry 50 packages at once, and can cover 62 miles on a single charge. It is estimated that the robot could deliver 500 packages a day in a designated community or campus.

“We are expecting a rapid spike of delivery demands brought by the thriving New Retail and local services businesses in the increasingly digitised world,” added Zhang. 

“To meet the strong delivery demand for our internal business growth and for the larger society, we have been investing in smart logistics, including logistics robots, for years. We are glad to launch our latest mobile delivery robot, which we will support Cainiao, Alibaba’s logistics platform, to serve communities, campuses and business parks in China.”

To find out more about the 12th annual Apsara Conference, click here!

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Image source: Alibaba


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