Alibaba Cloud supporting Digital Transformation across Asia

By Kate Birch
Global cloud leader Alibaba supports businesses across Asia hit by the pandemic with advanced technology and talent development...

Alibaba Cloud, the digital technologies and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, says it has continued to support businesses across Asia as they have pushed forward with digital transformations to meet the challenges posed by Covid-19. 

As well as cloud-based technologies, Alibaba Cloud has also provided talent development support to enterprises during the pandemic to help close the talent gap.

According to Alibaba Cloud's President of International Business, Selina Yuan, throughout 2020 the company has continued to support enterprises in Asia to build up their digital ability and ensure "business continuity in regions that were hard-hit by the pandemic".

She adds: "We believe that digital transformation is not only about the technology, but also the human resources. In view of this, we will continue to work with universities, incubators and partners to roll out more digital training programmes across Asia in 2021 and beyond. 

“We hope to help nurture more talent equipped with knowledge and expertise ranging from cloud-based technology, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and ultimately, support the digital transformation needs of various businesses across the markets."

Digital transformation growth across Asia

Alibaba Cloud points to numerous customers across Asia that have leveraged cloud to foster their digital transformation progress and increase efficiency in 2020. Companies include:

  • PrestoMall, Malaysia's largest homegrown e-commerce platform, adopted Alibaba Cloud's PolarDB database to power its growth while maintaining cost efficiency.
  • Japanese game company enish leveraged Alibaba Cloud's gaming solution. The average data processing time reduced 50% while the server cost reduced 30%.

Alibaba Cloud's technology and industry solutions were also deployed by: 

  • Investree, leading lending platform for SMEs in Indonesia
  • Kumu, livestreaming and entertainment platform in the Philippines
  • Luen Fung Hang Insurance, a pioneer in insurance in Macau

Alibaba Cloud commits to digital talent training

Last year, 20,000 participants in Indonesia attended Alibaba Cloud's Digital Talent Training Program. Malaysia saw more than 10,000 IT professionals joining Alibaba Cloud's online trainings, and in the Philippines, the company has committed to train 50,000 and certify 10,000 IT professionals in the next three years.

Digital talent development is a long-term commitment to contribute to local businesses and society, through initiatives including Alibaba Cloud Academy and Alibaba Cloud Academic Empowerment Program (AAEP). 

The company also aims to partner with more universities, incubators and non-profit organizations to develop digital skillsets.


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