Deloitte: Sustainability is smart business

By Janet Brice
Taking tangible climate action is a priority, report Deloitte Australia who urge businesses to seize the opportunities in this rapidly changing world...

Sustainability is smart business according to a new report from Deloitte Australia which sets out an action plan to tackle climate change.

“This year we have been challenged as a global community, reminding us, again, there is no viable business in a declining environment. Taking better care of our people and our planet has moved into the c-suite as top-level priorities. Because sustainability is smart business,” is the message from Deloitte.

The new report, WorldClimate - Climate change is not a choice. It’s billions of them, says; “As business leaders, policy influencers and individual citizens, we recognise the need for comprehensive action. Doing nothing is not an option, and it is not without cost. There will be tangible long-term benefits by acting now.”

For Deloitte this means a commitment to be net zero by 2030. “This includes reducing our travel and using renewable energy, connecting for impact with our clients on their sustainable path forward as we seize the opportunities in our rapidly changing world,” comment Deloitte.

A video reveals how Deloitte is already helping their clients to reframe and rethink the future through decision making and ecosystem development along the value chain as organisations evolve to a circular and low carbon economy.

Deloitte Australia has established a Climate Action Steering Committee led by senior leaders and supported by an employee-led Advisory Council. 

“We have a defined a programme with actions across three pillars: our footprint, our voice, and our offerings. We will continue to challenge ourselves on the actions we take. We aim to inspire each of our 10,000 staff to act and help us seek a sustainable future together - because this is about their future.”

In Deloitte’s 2020 Millennial Survey, climate change and protecting the environment rated as the number one societal concern among Millennials and Gen Z, even after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. “That is one in two (49.53%) of our Deloitte employees today”.

“Taking tangible climate action is an absolute priority for us,” comment Deloitte who are focusing on the following three points:

Carbon footprint

“We are committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2030. We will achieve this primarily by reducing our travel and building-related emissions by enabling virtual and hybrid ways of working and powering our buildings with 100% renewable energy.”

Deloitte client support

“As a professional services firm, we work with our clients through the process to achieve sustainable operations and responsible climate choices,” say Deloitte who are already:

  • working with clients to help them through the transition to a low-emissions economy
  • helping company boards, chief executives and executive teams to understand the risks and opportunities of climate change for their business
  • assisting clients to define a science-based, actionable strategy to carbon neutrality, helping them understand their abatement challenge and set authentic decarbonisation targets grounded in the latest climate science and robust commercial costings
  • accompanying clients on their operational, portfolio and technological transformations required to thrive in a low-emissions economy, including decarbonising, climate-proofing and optimising their operations to build long-term resilience 
  • supporting clients meet climate-related reporting, disclosures and assurance needs to communicate progress to stakeholders and unlock new opportunities.

Deloitte’s voice

“We will participate in the discussions on government policies and actions on climate change that are in the best interests of a sustainable and prosperous future.”

Climate strategy

“Whether you’re trying to measure impact, build resilience, operationalise your climate strategy, report on your climate-related risks and opportunities or upskill your workforce, we have the innovative approaches, digital solutions and deep-sector experience,” outlines the report.

The report takes an in-depth look at climate impacts, decarbonisation and climate-transformation to help organisations pave the way for a successful future.

“Deloitte’s purpose is to make an impact that matters for our clients, our community and for all those who work in our firm.”

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