RevX unveils intelligent mobile advertising engine to optimise targeting and spending

Bengaluru-based marketing technology company RevX has unveiled a new platform for intelligent mobile programmatic buying

A relatively new mode of purchasing ad space, programmatic buying is an automated means of targetting specific audiences which prioritises sales of space through real-time bidding.

Akin to the emergent addressable TV which enables companies to market to specific audiences on a TV-by-TV level, mobile programmatic buying offers a considerable advantage over traditional ‘blanket’ advertising by enabling firms to advertise to specific audiences.

The effect is a simultaneous increase in marketing penetration and mitigation of advertising costs, but marketers must be wary about the quality of their publishers in a mobile setting.

"In-app programmatic is relatively new and advertisers don't yet have tools to verify publisher quality and make informed decisions to buy brand-safe inventory, transparently, that delivers performance and value,” said RevX CEO Mukesh Agarwal, in the company statement.

RevX’s new platform, aiCube, is set to circumvent these issues by infusing AI and app store data intelligence to optimise the buying process.

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“aiCube is an industry-first platform that builds a holistic profile of every publisher combining programmatic data with app stores' data and historical media performance for better media planning, targeting and optimization.”

"Google and Apple continue to unpublish malicious apps from the stores. In 2017, Google removed 70,000 such apps from the Play Store. However, these apps continue to sell ads through different channels including programmatic and deceive ad buyers into buying poor quality, fraudulent inventory,” Agarwal continued.

“aiCube engine removes about 18% of the programmatic inventory from hundreds of thousands of apps based on AI-driven quality scoring that utilizes app store metadata.”

The press release noted that RevX is used by 80% of the top mCommerce apps in India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia through the aiCube platform.

aiCube is available to firms within RevX’s self-service DSP platform, which itself it integrated with over 20 top mobile and video exchanges with a combined access to 1.2bn mobile devices around the world.


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