Dec 14, 2020

NetDragon launches EdTech solution in Shaanxi

Georgia Wilson
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Education technology (EdTech)
NetDragon leverages its technology and research and development (R&D) capabilities to assist the launch of Shaanxi Education Informatisation Platform 2...

In an announcement made by Netdragon, the company reports its involvement in the official launch of the Shaanxi Education Informatisation Platform 2.0, with technical support provided by the company’s subsidiary NetDragon Huayu Education.

The launch is said to realise the education infrmatisation plan 2.0 in Shaanxi Province, as well as being an important step in the journey to promote a new generation of ‘internet and education’, reconstructing the education system.

The new platform - hosted by Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government and undertaken by Shaanxi Education Informationalisation Management Center - covers education administrators, schools, teachers, and parents, and starting from 2021 will be prmotoed across the province. 

The education department in Shaanxi has set its ambitions to onboard nearly 5mn teachers and students in early education, fundamental education and vocational education.

"As a major player in the mobile and internet education businesses, NetDragon Huayu Education is committed to building a lifelong learning community that integrates intelligent learning into everyone's life. The cooperation between the Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government and NetDragon is hoped to accelerate the development of education informatisation and "Internet + Education,” commented Yu Biao, Senior Vice President of NetDragon.

In the future, NetDragon plans to leverage its strengths in big data, VR, artificial intelligence, and content development to assist more provincial, municipal and district education departments to develop a modern education management system and accelerate the integration of the Internet and education, responding to the national education informatisation action plan 2.0.

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