Google Hummingbird & what it means for online marketing

By Bizclik Editor

In a move that has been talked about for the last few weeks among those in the tech industry, Google, the world’s leading search engine that turns 15 today, unveiled an update to their search algorithm. The move, which is being called the Hummingbird update, was made to help the search engine provide better answers to more complex requests.

It’s being deemed as the biggest rewriting of the Google algorithm since 2000. The world’s most popular search engine will stop relying on matching keywords and attempt to begin connecting meaning to all searches. Experts agree that the move comes in response to users asking more of the search engine. With mobile phones and tablet devices, people are using voice activation technology to ask more complex questions and enter longer phrases.

As with the Panda and Penguin update before it, businesses are scrambling to figure out what impact the algorithm update will have for their business.  Ken Wisnefski, president and CEO of WebiMax, a leading digital marketing firm believes that the update won’t have the impact of updates like Panda and Penguin before it saying, “Companies that put their trust in black hat search engine optimization tactics by purchasing backlinks and stuffing keywords were already penalized and will continue to do poorly in the rankings. Hummingbird is about helping users who want more accurate results for their given search.”

How will Hummingbird effect businesses and their marketing strategies?

  • Companies that focus their online marketing efforts on creating the best possible user experience for their customers will continue to flourish in the rankings. That means producing exceptional content and building trust in their brand online.
  • All Google algorithm updates from the past and all that will come in the future will prioritize the needs of the people. From a business perspective, there is nothing more important than connecting with the targeted audience and providing plenty of reasons to come back to a site for more.
  • While the Hummingbird update may not shift rankings immediately for businesses, companies that fail to evolve with the times by making their websites mobile user friendly will certainly feel the financial impact in the months to come.

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