Five Australian Companies that have Nailed Marketing

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When it comes to marketing, Aussies have a knack for all things advertising and promotional.

So, it’s no wonder some of the top marketing firms in the world call Australia their home. From small partnerships to large corporations, Australian marketing is making its mark thanks to unique and innovative campaigns.

With buzz worthy business practices in mind, here are some of the top marketing firms from Down Under.

1. DDB Group

Hailed as one of Australia’s leading creative agencies, DDB Group is an authority on what they call “experiential-based advertising and marketing.” In other words, DDB group believes in providing an unexpected, original, and insightful brand experience.

With headquarters in both Sydney and Melbourne, DDB Group is also an umbrella for other smaller specialized advertising agencies. Because of this, they’re better able to give an efficient array of creative marketing skill sets to their clients.

2. BMF

Named as Australia’s Ad Agency of the Decade, BMF is a Sydney and Melbourne based marketing and advertising agency offering an array of specialized services for every marketing arena, including full-scale production services.

BMF has four specific marketing departments: thinking, branding, campaigning, and production. And, each department works together to give clients a fully realized marketing experience, from brand architecture and campaign development all the way to product development and branded entertainment.

3. Grey

With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, and worldwide, Grey is one of the largest marketing firms in Australia. And, whether it’s digital, retail, promotional, or direct marketing, Grey has all the advertising and marketing bases covered.

Grey has a reputation for building and launching some of the leading brands Down Under. With an uncompromising approach, Grey promises to promote and accelerate their clients’ brands with powerful creativity across an ever-changing marketing and advertising environment.

4. Mojo

The idea behind Mojo is that “creativity is the force that turns problems into opportunities and opportunities into progress.” And, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Mojo is widely known as one of the strongest marketing firms in Australia.

Mojo has a unique blend of services, offering everything from brand strategy, creative ideation and development, and media planning across multiple platforms. Basically, if a client comes to Mojo with a blank slate, the marketing agency will fill that slate with an array of effective marketing strategies.

5. 303 Lowe

Known primarily as a full-service boutique advertising and marketing agency, 303 Lowe believes that thinking big and planning accordingly results in success. And, with clients such as Harley-Davidson and Ikea, 303 Lowe takes tailored media creation and scheduling to a whole new level.

With offices in Perth and Sydney, 303 Lowe’s success comes from its creative team, their process, and the delivery skills that go behind each and every marketing campaign. And, with both media planning and buying in-house, clients can rest assured they’re getting the attention they deserve.

So, for all types of marketing campaigns, the Australian companies above really do have some impressive chops.


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