Applying Traditional Marketing Tactics in a Digital World

By Bizclik Editor

Written by Lauren Fried, Managing Director of Pulse Marketing

It should come as no surprise to businesses that digital channels have found an irreplaceable role in marketing. Technology has revolutionised business. This is driven by both consumer demand for finger-tip access to anything and everything, and the opportunities sought by businesses to outperform their competitors.

But digital opportunities are only half the picture. In some cases they may not be the best or only way of communicating with the customer. For example, tradesmen are generally difficult to reach via online display advertising as they are constantly on job sites, meaning they aren’t within reach of their computers during the day.

In many situations traditional media continues to play an important role in communicating a business’s story. Online and offline media are best served together. It comes down to understanding your audience and delivering at the touch points most relevant to them, whether they are traditional, digital or a combination of both.

After all, traditional media still has many advantages over digital. For example, television continues to be a great way of communicating a comprehensive story. Likewise, outdoor advertising offers the benefit of broad reach and high frequency. There are also great creative opportunities for large format outdoor ad spaces. Despite the advantages, outdoor still carries a hefty price tag with creative, production and media costs attached. 

Advantages of traditional media

There are many other forms of traditional media that may assist in telling your business’s story, without breaking the bank. Below you’ll find some affordable and effective traditional marketing opportunities suitable for businesses.

  • Direct mail

Direct mail saw a decline in popularity due to the sheer volume of mail being received, plus privacy concerns relating to personal information. However, it is beginning to have a renaissance. As many businesses have turned away from it, it has once again become something of a novelty and when executed well, can have great cut through. Both print and electronic direct mail present one of the most highly targeted approaches to advertising, which may lead to more sales. They also have the added advantage of being measurable, allowing businesses to determine their return on investment.

  • Networking

Face to face marketing tactics are also difficult to replace because they allow potential customers to establish an emotional connection with your business immediately. These tactics include networking and events. Networking has been used as a sales tool by professionals in businesses both large and small. By speaking directly to potential clients, you can communicate the selling points of your business and build an instant personal connection that is more likely to lead to long term brand loyalty.

Similarly, a display stand at relevant events such as trade shows and exhibitions is a great way to showcase your product or service and give people the physical experience of interacting with your brand.

  • POS

Point of sale signage and sales collateral remain relatively low cost options and are important tools for businesses such as retailers. Likewise printed collateral, like brochures, while declining in popularity over the past few years, is a high involvement media and can be a cost effective targeted medium for businesses.

  • Editorial

Another cost effective way to get more exposure for your business is to contribute articles to publications your audience reads. If you position yourself and your business as an expert, people will begin to trust your brand and view it positively. Articles written by experts have a higher perceived value in print publications than ads and retain the attention of the reader much longer than a typical advertisement. Think about your audience’s interests and try to provide information they will find useful.

The golden rules are to always understand how each marketing tactic adds value to the customer experience, to truly understand your target markets, learn and evolve your offering from available data and consider digital channels as part of a holistic strategic approach.


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